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Gourmet con Gusto Restaurant awaits you for a new season starting on April 1, 2018.

For info and reservations please contact us at info@gourmetcongusto.com

Ristorante Gourmet con Gusto

Menù à la carte

The restaurant is a representation, a living where our guests are the most important actors in our cast

(Warner LeRoy)

Our Tasting menu can be composed of either six or eight courses. Our chef, Emiliano Lombardelli will make you taste several seasonal dishes chosen in order to give you a feeling for the local cuisine in all the its variety and complexity

Menu “bagni di Domiziano” 6 courses
€ 52,00

Menu “Insula Matidiae”6 courses
€ 58,00

Per person, wine excluded

The tasting, for its complexity, it is intended for the entire table.



Marinated prawns on a cream of local salad with anchovies cantabrico and mozzarella cheese
Allergens 4,6,8,14

Artichoke, Grey mullet “bottarga”, “bagna cauda” sauce Allergens 6,9
€ 16,00

Baby octopus, “Panzanella” sauce and crunchy vegetables
Allergens 7,10
€ 15,00

“Maremma” beef Tartare, spinach, beetroots and pine scent
Allergens 1,5,6,13
€ 16,00

Egg, asparagus, black truffle, amaranth and sheep cheese fondue “Riserva del Fondatore”
Allergens 4,5,10
€ 16,00


First courses

“Capellini” water of tomatoe, cheese fondue and green beans
Allergens 4,10
€ 16,00

“Spaghetti cacio e pepe” and sea urchins
Allergens 4,7,10
€ 16,00

“Paccheri carbonara” and grey mullet “bottarga”
Allergens 4,5,6,10
€ 15,00

Risotto, tomatoe, anchovy sauce, mozzarella cheese, oregan and red prawns
Allergens 4,6,8,14
(Minimumr 2 people)
€ 16,00

“Lunghino pasta”with wild boar ragù
Allergens 10,12
€ 15,00

Potatoes dumplings, stracchino cheese, asparagus, artichokes and dried lemon
Allergens 4,5,10
€ 16,00


Main courses

Sea bass, corn cream sauce, spinach and “Egg plants in carrozza style”
Allergens 4,6,10
€ 21,00

Red mullet, “Fregola sarda” with murici, chick-peas and baby vegetables
Allergens 6,7,10,12
€ 21,00

Stewed daily fish with olives capers and swiss chards
Allergens 6
€ 19,00

Pigeon is a traveler
Allergens 4,5,10,12
€ 21,00

Saddle of suckling pig, mace, white celery cream sauce and asparagus
Allergens 4,10,12
€ 18,00

Loin of Lamb, potatoes, spring onions, Buscaglione coffee sauce and thyme
Allergens 4,12


From Our Cellar

“Cinta senese” ham with croutons Allergens 10 € 14,00

Cold cuts selections Allergens 4 € 14,00

Parmesan cheese “40 months” and balsamic traditional vinegar € 16,00

Cheese from the trolley Allergens 4 € 14,00

List of allergens

  1. tree nuts
  2. peanuts
  3. lupin
  4. milk and milk products
  5. eggs
  6. fish
  7. shellfish
  8. crustaceans
  9. soya
  10. cereals containing gluten
  11. sesame seeds
  12. celery
  13. mustard
  14. sulphur dioxide

* In order to ensure only the highest quality of raw materials used, some dishes use the technique of fast abatement

In our labs we use all of the above products. Our attention to allergies is very high and our employees are informed of the composition of the dishes. Furthermore we insert this list of allergens to help in the choice and minimize risk. But we can not guarantee a possible cross-contamination

*in order to guarantee maximum quality some of the ingredients used in the recipes may have been quick frozen

in some rare cases the products may have been frozen and marked with an asterisk



"Gourmet Con Gusto" Restaurant
Strada Provinciale 161, n°40 Loc. Santa Liberata
58019 Porto S. Stefano (GR) - Tuscany - Italy

Ph. +39.380 2192544 Fax: +39.0564 811119 | info@gourmetcongusto.com

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