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Ristorante "Gourmet con Gusto"
Strada Provinciale 161, 40
Loc. Santa Liberata
58019 Porto S. Stefano (GR)

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Ristorante Gourmet con Gusto

Originality meets innovation Deliciousness meets finesse. The past meets the future. Welcome in a place full of creativity and modernity.

The chef Emiliano Lombardelli and the Maitre Giovanni Catricalà Welcome you.

Our Tasting menu is composed of six or eight courses. Our chef and his staff will make you taste several seasonal dishes chosen in order to give you a feeling for the local cuisine in all its variety and complexity.

Menu “Bagni di Domiziano” 6 courses
€ 62,00

Menu “Insula Matidiae” 8 courses
€ 78,00

Per person, excluding drinks

Due to the complexity of the Menu, only one tasting menu could be chosen per table.

Our fresh pastas and bread are made with flours by Dallagiovanna Mill.



Roasted octopus, cured pork cheek chips, Amatriciana sauce
Allergens 4,7,10
€ 18,00

Roasted cuttlefish, ink, whipped dried cod, peas jelly and crispy chickpeas
Allergens 4,6,7
€ 18,00

Scallops in cocoa butter, capers, black olives, pistachio, potato and hazelnut foam
Allergens 1,4,7,10
€ 19,00

Thin sliced fillet of Veal, tuna mayo and coffè langustine
Allergens 4,5,6,8,14
€ 19,00

Eggplants “Parmigiana”, colors and consistences.
Allergens 4,5,10
€ 16,00


First course

Spaghetti “Benedetto Cavalieri” garlic, oil, chili pepper, sea weeds and sea urchins
Allergens 7,10
€ 19,00

Homemade Ravioli stuffed of “caldaro” from Argentario
Allergens 4,5,6,7,8,10,12,14
€ 18,00

Homemade Tonnarelli, langoustine with his jus, lemon and pinenuts
Allergens 1,4,8,10,12,14
€ 18,00

Homemade Cappelletti pasta stuffed with confit rabbit, creamed carrots, cinnamon and goat cheese
Allergens 4,5,10
Minimum for two persons
€ 18,00

HOME made beebtroot pasta stuffed with prawns, sage, creamed burrata, bread crumbs and vaporized ginger
Allergens 4,5,8,10,14
€ 18,00

Riso with cherries tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese
Allergens 4
Minimum for two persons
€ 16,00


Main course

Citrus confit amberjack, wild chicory with chili, mushrooms, potatoes foam, agrume shent
Allergens 6,8,12
€ 26,00

Sea bass, foie gras escalope, creamed saffron rice and Jerusalem artichoke
Allergens 4,6
€ 27,00

King prawn and red Mullet fried with Panko bread, Harissa Sauce, flowers, zucchini and stracchino cheese tart
Allergens 1,4,8,14
€ 28,00

Fillet of Sole, basil cream, green beans e potatoes
Allergens 4,6,10
€ 26,00

Lamb medium cooked, cocoa beans, potatoes baked in foil, fennel sprouts, citron juice
Allergens 1,4,5
€ 25,00

Duck, celeriac with liquorice, grilled spring onion and braised endive
Allergens 4,13
€ 25,00


Traditional dish

Tuscan ham, ewe’s cheese soufflé, pears, walnuts and honey salad of Maremma
Allergens 4,5,10
€ 14,00

Cold cured cuts selections
Allergens/allergens 4
€ 14,00

Tortelli pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese from Maremma, butter and sage
Allergens 4,5,10
€ 14,00

PICI senesi al delicato ragù di cinghiale “Tiburzi”
Allergens 4,10,12
€ 15,00

PESCATO del giorno al forno con patate al rosmarino
Allergens 6
€ 70,00 al kg

FILETTO di manzo al Morellino, i suoi contorni
Allergens 14
€ 28,00 al kg

Cheese selections of Maremma
Allergens 4
€ 16,00


List of allergens

  1. Frutta a guscio-tree nuts
  2. Arachidi – peanuts
  3. Lupino – lupin
  4. Latte e prodotti latticini – milk and dairy products
  5. Uova – eggs
  6. Pesce – fish
  7. Molluschi –shellfish
  8. Crostacei – crustaceans
  9. Soia – soya
  10. Cereali contenenti glutine – cereals containing gluten
  11. Semi di sesamo – sesame seeds
  12. Sedano – celery
  13. Senape – mustard
  14. Anidride solfororosa - sulphur dioxide


In our kitchen we use all of the above products. Our attention to allergies is very high and our employees are informed of the composition of the dishes. Furthermore we insert this list of allergens to help you in the choice and minimize risk. But we can not guarantee a possible cross-contamination.

*In order to guarantee maximum quality some of the ingredients used in the recipes may have been quick frozen.

In some rare cases the products may have been frozen and marked with an asterisk.



"Gourmet Con Gusto" Restaurant
Strada Provinciale 161, n°40 Loc. Santa Liberata
58019 Porto S. Stefano (GR) - Toskana - Italien

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