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Ristorante "Gourmet con Gusto"
Strada Provinciale 161, 40
Loc. Santa Liberata
58019 Porto S. Stefano (GR)

The Chef

Emiliano Lombardelli was born at Argentario and, endowed with the passion and love for cooking which was evident already at an early age, he chose to attend a hotel school.

Given its unbridled vocation for the food and cooking, which he calls "his mission", he eventually decided to leave the Silver Coast in 1988 to pursueexperience in the world of haute cuisine.

His greatest memory, among the gastronomic adventure and his many Masters, is that with the Chef and restaurateur Alvaro Claudi on the Island of Elba. When asked about his most important experiences, he likes to reminisce about the "Mirabelle" in Rome with its Chef Giuseppe Sestito and the restaurant "Anna Stuben" at Hotel Gardena di Ortisei with the Chef Armin Mairhofer.

Back in Maremma Toscana since 2008, he first took a position of Executive Chef at one of the famous hotels on the Silver Coast.

From several seasons, together with the Alfieri family, the founders and owners of the property since the 60s, was the protagonist of the revival of Hotel Villa Domizia, elevating the hotel in one of the most shining pearl of the Argentario, while maintaining relationship advice at other companies.



"Gourmet Con Gusto" Restaurant
Strada Provinciale 161, n°40 Loc. Santa Liberata
58019 Porto S. Stefano (GR) - Tuscany - Italy

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